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What do we offer?

Exercise is a way to a happier You

We provide professional, personalised fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. We work with each client to custom design an exercise plan that reflects their short, medium and long-term goals. 

All my training sessions take place outdoors and not in a sweaty gym environment where some might feel a little bit intimidated by the others. Alternatively If You prefer to train in your own garden we can offer fitness sessions there within the Guildford area. If You have a little one to look after and feel like You can't get away from the child we might have a solution for that too. 

-Professional personalised fitness programme

-Free consultation

-Friendly approach

-Track your progress

 -Outdoor sessions

-Train in your own garden

-Fitness classes

-Optional childcare for the session (small fee)

Mobile personal training
You can train anywhere
I can offer mobile training in and around Guildford
Fitness classes
It needs only 3 of you. You can train with the people you want. FREE taster session!!!
Train for an event
Peak performance for the race day
Have You signed up for an event? My personalised programme will help you monitor your improvements during the training period and reach your goal on an event like a running race or a tough mudder.
Functional fitness
A fitter & healthier You
Look after your body! Do regular functional fitness training to maintain your muscles and bones. It is also very important to keep your heart and lungs in good working order.
Multisport birthday parties
Book your child's multisport birthday entertainment.
Who we are
Getting in Touch

Guildford, UK


My name is Jacint and I am a qualified Personal Trainer based in the beautiful town of Guildford. My partner and I left the London life and moved to this area because of the endless amount of running trails nearby. I am a keen runner and a promoter of a well balanced healthy lifestyle. My friendly approach towards my clients helps to ease everyone into a nice and relaxed mood for the sessions. My partner, Niké helps out with kids football and birthday parties.

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